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To make it easier for those who need, I offer 6 monthly payments. The total purchase price is $1650. By choosing this payment option, you are obligating yourself to the full payment.

Are you a successful woman professionally and in business?

Are you on top of your game in life, your health and in your relationships?

Do you feel tightness in your belly, fuzzy-headed, intimidated, or bored when people start talking about building wealth, the stock markets and investments?

Do you have a secret shame that you haven’t been paying close attention to your money? And maybe a tad guilty that you've let cash sit in your bank account because you didn’t know what to do with it?

Have you stashed financial statements in the drawer saying you’ll get back to them later?

Or perhaps you’ve made investing mistakes that cost you big time?

Guess what?

Me too!

And the crazy thing is that I was managing investment portfolios in the financial big leagues while messing up our family’s accounts.

And feeling like a fraud.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Debbie Sassen, Financial Planner & Money Coach. I specialize in supporting women demystify finance. I help them understand how money works so they can make empowered, confident decisions.

And grow their wealth.

And live a financially sustainable and purpose-driven life.

But it wasn’t always like that.

Fifteen years ago, jarred by the shock of my husband fighting cancer (he won!), I decided to get our financial house in order and protect our family.

In the process I discovered a bunch of money messes: pension plans not growing, “hot tips” gone sour, and investment manager fees decimating our little nest egg.

Oh boy! I needed to get smart about money.


I’ve learned a ton about money since that uncomfortable discovery. I’ve made some strong investing moves + some mistakes along the way. I learned from every one of them.

And turned around our financial situation.

For the last 10 years I’ve been working 1:1 in personal finances and teaching thousands of people everything I know.

And now it’s your turn.

If you’re ready to feel more confidence, clarity and peace of mind with your money then you’re in the right place.

I’m here to help you learn the language of finance so you don’t feel spacey or silly in money conversations. I’ll teach you the skills you need to know to be in control of your money so you can make smart decisions and grow empowered wealth.

I'll help you feel comfortable with numbers.

We'll mow down your money blocks and move beyond overwhelm.

I want you to taste financial freedom and independence.

Smart money management doesn’t have to be a mystery. It can be simple, exciting and fun.

Smart Women Build Wealth is a group financial empowerment program, kicking off November 29th, 2017.

Over 6 months we’ll explore 12 money modules that you can implement as you learn.

Every other Wednesday at 10:00 am Israel time (GMT+2), I will be hosting a one-hour LIVE training, with plenty of time for questions.

Dates for the live calls: November 29, December 13, December 20 (BONUS pre-holiday call), January 10, January 24, February 7, February 21, March 7, March 21, April 11, April 25, May 9 and May 23.

I encourage you to show up live, but I know things come up from time to time. All the calls will be recorded, you will have access to the materials and you can ask questions ahead of time for me to answer in our live sessions.

These are the money modules we’ll cover:

1. Own your Wealth

Define what wealth means to YOU. Not your neighbor, your spouse or your best friend.

2. Smash Limiting Beliefs and Negative Money Mindset

That keeps you feeling vulnerable and intimidated around money. Release yourself from the past. Move forward, break through.

3. Know Your Numbers

Tracking your income and spending. Get connected to and conscious with your money. Embrace CHOICE.

4. Financial Statement Success

Understand your paperwork, calculate your Net Worth. Feel empowered around your numbers.

5. Setting Financial Goals.

How do you want your money to serve you?

6. What's the difference between saving and investing?

You need both. Where do you keep your financial accounts?

7. Risk and Return

Understand how they are related.

8. Understanding Asset Allocation + Demystifying Investments

Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Cash, and Commodities

9. Retirement Planning

How much money do you really need?

10. Protecting your Wealth

Insurance, Financial Documents, Wills and Power of Attorney

11. Building your Financial Support Team

What Support do you need?

12. Financial Conversations and Communication with your Loved Ones

Plus, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you will be in community with other women who are learning and growing their money muscles. Together we’ll share with each other and support each other on our financial journey. You’ll have lots of additional access to me for feedback, questions and guidance.

And I will be giving you additional materials and worksheets to support you on your journey to empowered wealth.

All sessions will be recorded so you never have to worry about missing a class. You can go back and review them over and over again.

The price is only $895 USD

For all of it.


Is this your year to feel more confident and intuitive with your money?

Are you ready to get smart and build empowered wealth?

Sign up now using the link below!

To make it easier for those who need, I offer 6 monthly payments. The total purchase price is $1650. By choosing this payment option, you are obligating yourself to the full payment.

Mindset & Money Coach

Debbie Sassen

Ten years ago, I left the high-powered world of investment banking, and began working with individuals, couples and families to help them find order and empowerment in their personal finances. I bring to my work expert knowledge of investment options and the money markets, uniquely combined with a deeper insight into what’s really holding you back from taking financial flight, and tools to help you overcome those road blocks. Together, we can build both your wealth and your sense of confidence and empowerment around money.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

    • Welcome and Introduction

    • SWBW Terms & Conditions (November 2017)

    • Recommended Reading List

    • List of Various Financial Fees, Costs and Expenses

    • Class Schedule - days, dates and times

  • 2

    SWBW Module One - Own Your Wealth

    • SWBW Live Class 29.11.17

    • Module One Worksheets

    • Experienced well-being is maximized at $75,000 of household income

  • 3

    SWBW Module Two - Limiting Beliefs and Negative Money Mindset

    • Module Two Worksheets

    • SWBW Live Class 13.12.17

  • 4

    SWBW Module Three - Know Your Numbers

    • Module Three Worksheet 1: Connecting with our Numbers

    • Module Three Worksheet 2: Your Current Financial Circumstances

    • SWBW Live Class 10.01.18

  • 5

    SWBW Module Four - Financial Statement Success

    • SWBW Live Class 24.01.18

    • Module Four: Annual Statement of Net Worth (Excel Spreadsheet)

    • Module Four: Intrinsic Net Worth (worksheet)

  • 6

    SWBW Module Five - Setting Financial Goals

    • SWBW Live Class 21.02.18

    • Module Five: Setting Financial Goals (worksheet)

  • 7

    SWBW Module Six - The difference between Saving and Investing

    • SWBW Live Class 07.03.18

    • Module Six Worksheet: A closer look at your expenses

  • 8

    SWBW Module Seven - Risk and Return

    • SWBW Live Class 21.03.18

    • Module Seven Worksheets: Getting Started with Investing

  • 9

    SWBW Module Eight - Understanding Asset Allocation + Demystifying Investments

    • SWBW Live Class 11.04.18

  • 10

    SWBW Module Nine - Retirement Planning

    • SWBW Live Class 25.04.18

    • Module Nine Worksheets: Retirement Planning Calculations

  • 11

    SWBW Module Ten - Protecting Your Wealth

    • SWBW Live Class 09.05.2018

    • Module Ten Worksheets: Protecting Your Wealth

  • 12

    SWBW Module Eleven - Build Your Financial Support Team

    • SWBW Live Class 23.05.18

    • Module Eleven Worksheets: Your Financial Support Team

  • 13

    SWBW Module Twelve - Financial Conversations with Your Loved Ones

    • Module Twelve Worksheets: Financial Conversations with Your Loved Ones

    • SWBW Live Class 30.05.18

  • 14

    Bonus Q&A Calls

    • Bonus Q&A Call 20.12.17

    • Bonus Q&A Call 15.02.18

  • 15


    • SWBW Live Call Module One 8-Feb-17

    • Module One Worksheets

    • SWBW Live Call Module Two 22-Feb-2017

    • Module Two Worksheets

    • SWBW Live Call Module Three 8-Mar-17

    • Module Three Worksheets - Connecting with our Numbers

    • Module Three Worksheets - Current Financial Circumstances

    • Module Three - Personal Spending Categories (Money Minder Online)

    • SWBW Module Four 22.03.17

    • Annual Statement of Net Worth

    • Module Four Worksheets - Intrinsic Net Worth

    • SWBW Module Five 05.04.17

    • Module Five Worksheets

    • SWBW Module Six 26.04.2017

    • Module Six Worksheets

    • SWBW Module Seven 10.05.2017

    • Module Seven Worksheets

    • SWBW Module Eight 24.05.17

    • SWBW Module Nine 07.06.17

    • Retirement Planning Spreadsheet

    • SWBW Module Ten 21.06.17

    • Module Ten Worksheets

    • SWBW Module Eleven 05.07.17

    • Module Eleven Worksheets

    • SWBW Module Twelve 19.07.17

    • Module Twelve Worksheets