Smart Money Bundle by Debbie Sassen

Smart Money Bundle

taught by Debbie Sassen

Course description

Are you ready to take your money practices to the next level?

It’s time to let go of money stress and anxiety and step into a new level of financial habits

with the Smart Money Bundle.

Are you STRATEGIC about your money?
Are you DISCERNING with your money?
Would you like to be?

The Smart Money Bundle includes three Masterclasses to address key areas of money strategy:

  1. MAKE more money with the Wealth-Building for Entrepreneurs Masterclass. (Value $47)
  2. SAVE more money with the Savings School Masterclass (Value $47).
  3. CONNECT with your partner about money with the Money Conversations Masterclass (Value $47).

You will also get access to the Smart Money Workbook, which will help you to identify and improve your money practices and mindset, and build true wealth.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is ready to move towards financial freedom, and up-level your financial habits, then these practical and easy to implement masterclasses are just for you.

AND it’s just $97 USD

Buy now for instant access and get started TODAY.

Debbie Sassen
Debbie Sassen
Mindset & Money Coach

Eleven years ago, I left the high-powered world of investment banking, and began working with individuals, families and business owners to help them find order and empowerment in their finances. I bring to my work expert knowledge of investments and financial planning, uniquely combined with a deeper insight into what’s really holding you back from taking financial flight - and the tools to help you overcome those road blocks. Together, we can unlock your earning potential, increase your income and savings, and help you embrace your confidence and empowerment around money.