Investing Made Simple

Investing Made Simple

taught by Debbie Sassen

Course description

Understand the financial markets, build financial confidence, and enjoy financial freedom. 

Are you READY to start investing but you need something simple, small and easy to help you overcome resistance and finally get going?

I’m Debbie Sassen, Financial Planner and Money Coach.

I have created Investing Made Simple for women just like you:

EVEN IF you have no savings, but you want to get started

EVEN IF you've only invested in property before, but you're ready to consider diversifying

EVEN IF you have a small amount saved, but you don't know what to do with your money and you're scared to lose it all

EVEN IF you have only a small amount of time every week to work on your relationship with money and no budget (or inclination) to hire a financial advisor, investment manager or other MUST-HAVE-EXPERT whom you might not even need.


This is an action-oriented program created especially for women like you who are ready to INVEST WITH CONFIDENCE and take charge of their Financial Future.

This step-by-step, self-study program gently introduces you to the world of investing - but not just the technical side... 

Investing Made Simple helps you embrace...

  • The right Money Mindset to invest with confidence by forgiving yourself for past money mistakes and addressing your fears, limiting beliefs, and resistance to risk.
  • Consistent, Steady Habits to pay attention to your money, set aside funds for the future, ensure that you have a comfortable safety net, strengthen your mindset for the long-term, and more.
  • Financial instruments, terminology, and jargon that may seem like Greek to you. 

Financial jargon is a completely new language.

And it can be intimidating.

Plus, it’s easy to be nervous about losing everything in a stock market crash. Because we know that happens.


But I have confidence that with the right mindset and education, you can overcome your fear and resistance to investing in the financial markets. And feel RELIEF about being in the driver's seat and finally getting it done!

You can take control of your money and create a secure financial future.

Investing Made Simple includes pre-recorded video lessons with doable, actionable and thought-provoking worksheets that help you take charge of your money. 


·     Adopt the right money mindset to become a confident investor.
·     Understand the difference between Saving and Investing
·     Choose your investment goal
·     Forgive yourself for past money mistakes
·     Explore the history of women, money, and female role models
·     Distinguish between different investment types
·     Understand risk & adopt a unique approach
·     Learn how to manage risk and pre-empt financial loss
·     Understand compound interest and learn the Rule of 72
·     Discover the importance of asset allocation
·     Create strong and systematic investing habits
·     Become familiar with robo-advisors and how they can help you
·     Assess when you need a financial advisor and when you can DIY
·     Clarify the impact of fees on your investment performance
·     Create your unique investment plan

You will unlock and uncover what’s keeping you back from investing. And you will embrace the tools necessary to take charge of your investments and shape your financial destiny.

In addition, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you will be in community with other women who, like you, are learning and growing their money management muscles. 

And you’ll have lots of access to me for feedback, questions, and guidance.

You can expect tons of compassion and hand-holding.

I created the Investing Made Simple for people who are ready to move forward, make stronger decisions and become financially confident.

What women are saying about Investing Made Simple:



It doesn't matter what country you live in. 

It doesn't matter how much you're earning.

The course is suitable for people from all over the globe who are ready to take charge of their money and build wealth!

Are you ready to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER? Read what our students have to say:


Because no one cares more about your money than you do.

Get started immediately - with Investing Made Simple! 


DISCLAIMER: The content of this program is strictly educational and does not constitute individual financial or investment advice. You may need to consult with a financial or legal professional.

Debbie Sassen
Debbie Sassen
Mindset & Money Coach

Eleven years ago, I left the high-powered world of investment banking, and began working with individuals, families and business owners to help them find order and empowerment in their finances. I bring to my work expert knowledge of investments and financial planning, uniquely combined with a deeper insight into what’s really holding you back from taking financial flight - and the tools to help you overcome those road blocks. Together, we can unlock your earning potential, increase your income and savings, and help you embrace your confidence and empowerment around money.

Course Curriculum

LIVE Q&A Calls May-June 2018
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ARCHIVE (Investing Made Simple Beta Program January 2018)
Office Hours
Module 1, Step 1: Understand the difference between Saving and Investing (10 minute video)
Module 1, Step 1.1: Your Investing WHY Worksheet
Module 1, Step 1.2: Periodic and Irregular Expenses Worksheet
Module 1, Step 1.3: Safety Net Savings Worksheet
Module 1, Step 2: Uplevel Your Money Mindset (7 minute video)
Module 1, Step 2.1: Limiting Beliefs, Positive Affirmations and Upleveling Your Money Mindset
Module 1, Step 3: Forgiving your money mistakes (5 minute video)
Module 1, Step 3.1: Forgiving your money mistakes (Worksheet)
Module 1, Step 3.2: Ho'oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness (link to website)
Module 1, Step 3.3: Forgiving Yourself - Tapping with Brad Yates
Module 1, Step 4: Family of Origin Influence on our Relationship with Money (9 minute video)
Module 1, Step 4.1: Women, Family of Origin and Money (Worksheet)
Module 2, Step 1: Understanding Financial Markets - Financial Jargon (23 minute video)
Module 2, Step 2: Understanding Risk. Thinking outside the box: a unique approach to risk and financial loss (18 minute video)
Module 2, Step 2.1: How do YOU define risk (worksheet)
Module 2, Step 2.2: Financial Loss (worksheet)
Module 2, Step 3: Managing risk and pre-empting financial loss (17 minute video)
Module 2, Step 3.1: Managing, Pre-empting and Recovering from Financial Loss + Investment Policy Statement (worksheet)
Module 2, Step 4: Six Important Financial Terms to Master (11 minute video)
Module 2, Step 4.1: Mastering Financial Terms (worksheet)
Module 2, Step 5: Understand compound interest and the Rule of 72 (8 minute video)
Module 2, Step 5.1: The Rule of 72 in practice (worksheet)
Module 2, Step 6: Understanding Asset Allocation (41 minute video)
Module 2, Step 6.1: Your Asset Allocation Decision (worksheet)
Module 3, THE SEVENTH INNING STRETCH (3 minute video)
Module 3, Step 1: How Robo-Advisors help us achieve our investing goals (11 minute video)
Module 3, Step 2: The advantages of working with an Investment Manager (10 minute video)
Module 3, Step 2.1: Who's Going to Manage Your Money (worksheet)
Module 3, Step 3: It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep (12 minute video)
Module 3, Step 3.1: Investment Fees Matter (Excel Spreadsheet)
Module 3, Step 3.2: The impact of fees and returns on the growth of your wealth
Module 3, Step 4: The Importance of Minimizing Taxes (16 minute video)
Module 3, Step 4.1: Minimizing Taxes (worksheet)
Module 3, Step 5: The ONE key to your financial future (5 minute video)
Module 3, Step 5.1: Your Non-negotiable ninety day commitment to strengthening your money habits and practices (worksheet)
Module 3, Step 6 (BONUS lesson): Can you pay down debt AND invest at the same time? (6 minute video)
Module 3, Step 6.1: ZERO Debt Tracker (Excel Spreadsheet)
Office Hours: Q&A Wednesday, January 10th (recording)
Office Hours: Q&A Thursday, January 11th (recording)
Office Hours: Q&A, Wednesday, January 17th
Office Hours: Q&A Thursday, January 18th
Office Hours: Q&A Tuesday, January 23rd (recording)
Office Hours: Q&A Thursday, January 25th (recording)
Office Hours: Q&A Sunday, January 28th (recording)
Office Hours: Q&A Wednesday, January 31st (recording)
Office Hours: BONUS Q&A Sunday February 4th (recording)
Office Hours: Bonus Q&A #2 Sunday February 4th (recording)
Welcome Video (7 minutes) Start HERE!
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