Investing Made Simple

Investing Made Simple

taught by Debbie Sassen

Course description

Understand the financial markets, build financial confidence, and enjoy financial freedom. 

In this course you will:

·     Adopt the right money mindset to become a confident investor.
·     Understand the difference between Saving and Investing
·     Choose your investment goal
·     Forgive yourself for past money mistakes
·     Explore the history of women, money,  and female role models
·     Distinguish between different investment types
·     Understand risk & adopt a unique approach
·     Learn how to manage risk and pre-empt financial loss
·     Understand compound interest and learn the Rule of 72
·     Discover the importance of asset allocation
·     Create strong and systematic investing habits
·     Become familiar with robo-advisors and how they can help you
·     Assess when you need a financial advisor and when you can DIY
·     Clarify the impact of fees on your investment performance
·     Create your unique investment plan

Debbie Sassen
Debbie Sassen
Financial Planner and Money Coach

Ten years ago, I left the high-powered world of investment banking, and began working with individuals, couples and families to help them find order and empowerment in their personal finances. I bring to my work expert knowledge of investment options and the money markets, uniquely combined with a deeper insight into what’s really holding you back from taking financial flight, and tools to help you overcome those road blocks. Together, we can build both your wealth and your sense of confidence and empowerment around money.

Course Curriculum

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